Remember Robert Fulghum and his famous book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? As unworldly and innocent as they seem, kids can teach us a lot about life. Here’s a collection of five vital lessons that I learnt while teaching kindergarten in China.

Eat your veggies

In a Chinese kindergarten, some time after nap time comes snack time. Kids shuffle from their sleeping spots to the table and wait for a snack to wake up their metabolisms. American kids might expect biscuits, string cheese, maybe a granola bar, but Chinese kids are happy with something much more basic. Pumpkin and squash stew, hard boiled eggs or tomatoes. Sometimes we give them tofu or a seaweed porridge!

American children would probably see this kind of food as punishment, but these kids never complain. Sometimes I daydream about feeding this kind of stuff to my nieces in America. I imagine their faces scrunching up in a “What the heck?” expression. Maybe they would dare each other to taste the seaweed. They would touch the porridge with the tips of their tongues and laugh hysterically at the very thought of actually swallowing it.

And then I remember how badly behaved American kids can be. As a generalization, American kids can misbehave in ways that Ch... Read More>>